July 20, 2024

7 good intentions for the new year: how to start 2022 taking care of your eyes

As usual, new year is synonymous with good intentions: between incorrect diet, sedentary life and hours spent in front of the computer, smartphone, tablet, our eyes also deserve a moment of attention. Never as today the eyes are tired of a life always online and the so -called digital visual stress puts them to the test: luckily remedy it is easy, a few precautions are enough to follow every day to ensure correct visual comfort.

On the occasion of the arrival of the new year, Zeiss and Dr. Franco Spedale, director of the Departmental Function Operational Unit of the Ocycloth of the Chiari Assat Franciacorta Hospital, present a list of 7 good intentions to be implemented to keep their eyeshealthy and have a relaxed vision. They are very simple precautions, to be implemented in everyday life, already starting from the holidays.

Dream with open eyes (with the 20-20-20 rule)

Dreaming with open eyes is always strongly recommended! If they are a way to detach ourselves a moment from reality and frenetic life even better. The breaks are essential for the eyes, stressed by constant work on the computer or in front of other screens.

The 20-20-20 rule is an exercise for the eyes really simple to remember: look away from the screen every 20 minutes and focus on something 20 meters away for 20 seconds.

Remember to beat the eyelids

It seems nonsense, but it is precisely the opposite! Banging the eyelids has a practical and fundamental function: our eyelids distribute a thin tear film on the surface of the eye every time we close them and this is essential to keep it humid and prevent the cornea from drying out. In everyday life, we slam the eyelids from 15 to 20 times per minute. When we focus on TV or computer, we slam the eyelids less frequently. Burning, itching or dry eyes often are the result.

Banging the eyelid ten times in a row can give immediate relief.

Adjust the hygiene of lenses

Especially in these times, washing your hands regularly and disinfecting them is fundamental. However, viruses and bacteria are present on glasses lenses and can survive their surface for hours. It is therefore essential to clean them regularly and thoroughly.

Adequate lighting (especially in the home office)

The eyes tire very quickly if they must continuously compensate the contrasts. In fact, it is essential to have enough light at home, at work, and in all other situations where our eyes are under stress, like when we are reading in bed. A classic table or bedside table are beautiful and design, but they increase the contrast.

It would be better to use solutions that uniformly distribute the light. If you work from home, place your location near or in front of a window, so that your eyes can look at different distances from time to time.

UV protections both with beauty and bad weather

When it comes to UV protection protection, most people think about sunglasses in summer. But the UV rays are everywhere there is light, on bright days as in the rain, it doesn’t matter in what season. Fortunately, complete protection from UV rays is also possible with clear lenses.

The clear Zeiss lenses guarantee, standard, complete protection from UV rays since 2018. For the new year, check with your optometrist optician if your glasses protect against UV rays. It is a very simple way to protect eye health and prevent the risk of cataracts.

Physical activity and outdoor sport

Probably the holidays and the cold do not entice everyone, but to go out and enjoy fresh air walking is essential for the body and for healthy eyes. A walk can help relax your view. And if you really don’t have time to go out, remember to make the room take air regularly! In fact, especially in the cold season, many rooms are too heated by heaters and radiators and therefore not very humid.

This can cause eye dryness.

Do not use device before going to sleep

There is a very widespread “metropolitan legend” according to which to look at PC and smartphones before sleeping causes problems to sleep. And it’s true! The blue light influences our circadian rhythm, responsible for our biological watch and the sleep-wake cycle.

The blue light emitted from computers and smartphones and can influence rest. A good purpose for the new year could be to store all technological devices at least one or two hours before going to bed.

“With the beginning of the new year, a good idea is to fix a complete visual check up to be repeated on a regular basis. In the interval it is always essential to monitor your visual habits and lifestyle to find, if necessary, the visible lenses most suitable for your needs ” comments Dr. Spedale.