June 22, 2024

Coronavirus, Dr. Locatelli: “ on teenage strange geloni, possible relationship with the virus ”

“ we are collecting data that could be interesting, even on children, for example, which are not symptomatic in an important way but which have very specific events that we are evaluating. We are seeing special events especially in teenagers, who resemble the geloni but which can hardly be because I’m not in line with the season. Reports of this type are flourishing, we always see more . The first thing we thought about and It was a relationship between these geloni and the Coronavirus.

And on this we are investigating ”.

Andrea Locatelli, dermatologist to Pope John XXIII of Bergamo

To let it know at the agency Dire e Dr. Andrea Locatelli, dermatologist to Pope John XXIII of Bergamo, one of the Italian hospitals plus affected by the Coronavirus emergency, and a member of the Adoi (Associazione Dermatologi-Italian hospital dermatologists and health and health .

“ we dermatologists- explains Locatelli- We are called in the departments mainly to make advice when they present in patients skin demonstrations during the infection. It is a new and interesting field: we are seeing skin paintings that could be somehow associated with the virus itself, such as some exanthems for example, or the therapies to which these patients are subjected. Some drugs are used abundantly and can also have side effects at the skin level.

Not and Always easy to understand if they are skin demonstrations from drugs, but there are paintings that we are studying because Case and large ”.

Effects may have C-PAP masks on patients may have patients

At the Hospital of Bergamo, dermatologists do not deal with “ obviously patients intubated in the intensive therapies takes place to underline Locatelli- we witness mostly All those people, who are the majority, who need a respiratory aid ”. But what effects the C-PAP masks (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, editor’s note), for example, and which on the skin of the doctors the protection masks worn in intensive care for many hours may have on patients on patients?

“ they are now known by all effects of those very adherent masks, similar to ski glasses, worn by doctors in intensive care. Those masks- explains the dermatologist- exerting a fairly limited pressure on small adhesion areas, can certainly create small erosions. We have given advice to the doctors in this sense, such as using silicone sheets to cushion the impact.

Now however We begin to use more and more That sort of screens that are kept from the head and lowered throughout the face, which are less problematic ”. As for patients, Locatelli says he has not seen them “ great problems related to masks, because They are not so adhering as the glasses for healthcare professionals &#8221 should be;.

The prone position in intensive care

Meanwhile, yes and More and more Widespread the use of the prone position in intensive care for patients with acute respiratory failure, adopted to improve oxygenation and encourage the drainage of secretions. You have observed particular decubitus plagues? “ No, the management of the Decubitus plagues is not different in this type of patient than others, and Always the same- replies the dermatologist of Pope John XXXIII at the agency directed by these we dermatologists are rarely called into question because the nursing and doctor staff of intensive care and GIA sufficiently trained ”.

Locatelli then speaks of how dermatologists, but also specialists from other sectors, had to be ‘ reinvent in the interior of the new reorganization of the hospital dictated by the emergency. “ we had no family With some terms, we didn’t know what a C-Pap was, but above all we were not used to death, because Our patients hardly die. We found ourselves having to manage situations never faced before, such as communication with relatives, just to give an example. For us and was an entirely new experience.

Not and State simple at the beginning to assist patients with pneumonia, because It was not our field and we had no mastery of the topic;. We had to remember the old reminiscences of the studies made at the University ;oxygen.

To prevent many infections, the Coronavirus first

In this emergency situation we found ourselves catapulted into a routine other than our daily life clinic, but the
Solidarity that is Created between the different doctors and was very beautiful. Let’s say that the interactive aspect between the various specialties
e SENZ Other one of the positive aspects of this new organization to which it led us to the epidemic ”.
In the meantime, the Italians will have to get used to leaving the house always with the mask, but its use, reassures the expert, does not have “ no consequence at the level of the skin ”.
To prevent many infections, first place the Coronavirus, Sara Then “ Fundamental Hygiene of Hands &#8221 ;, because removes microorganisms that can settle on the skin in contact with contaminated objects or surfaces.

“ but washing your hands must not become a mania Locatelli explains- if we are at home with our family members and You must always wash your hands, while you have to do it when I return home and I went to the supermarket ”. In general, the hands must be washed “ every time I am not at home and for some reason I have to touch my face ”. As for gloves, these give “ fake safety- says the expert- because The virus possibly remains on their surface, so if I touch my face I infected me.

Through the skin the virus does not penetrate, so even if the hand is contaminated nothing happens.

L important and that this contaminated hand is not brought to the face

For this every time I touch my face my hands must be washed, otherwise no ”.
In past years, the Locatelli dermatologist has worked as a consultant in the RSA Pio Albergo Trivulzio, the geriatric pole
More Important d Italy, which ended up at the center of an inquiry of the Milan prosecutor’s office with the accusation of having hidden cases of Covid-19 by putting guests at risk and healthcare.

“ I worked on Trivulzio as an outpatient years ago and I don’t know what happened- Locatelli replies at the same time; I have no cards in my hand and I am not able to judge. What I can say and that perceiving the danger is not always easy, not even for decision makers. There are protocols for the containment of hospital infections, but they are calibrated on the common infections we know;This epidemic instead is Exceptional, a unicum in our recent history, for which e Obviously that there may have been a bit disorientation. D moreover the same virologists at the beginning of the epidemic we did not have clear ideas, some spoke of animportant- he concludes-
then instead e Success all other ”.