July 20, 2024

Coronavirus, Magi: “ no to the neck mask or kept on the arm ”

“ worried about the resumption of Roman nightlife? I am cautiously optimistic towards the most young people, but to enjoy the summer together with friends and It is necessary that they adopt responsible behavior ”. Thus replies The President of the Medical Order of Rome, Antonio Magi, questioned on the topic by the Dire Agency.

Coronavirus, it is essential to maintain safety distances

“ it is essential to keep the safety distances and wear the mask Magi continues only so we can start again to
lead a normal life. We must prevent the contagi from starting to rise again, the numbers are comforting but you have to be
Be careful, because It takes little to return to a phase 1 ”. Yes at a bit of leisure, therefore, but “ if the boys flock to the street a
Drink in front of a bar and among them c E A infected Alert the President of the Doctors of Rome A mess happens, because then
Each of those boys returns at home and Restive to infect family members ”.

From Friday Next on the Roman coast they will also reopen the beaches, therefore no longer only walks and activities physical on the shoreline (as authorized since 18 May), but a real start of the seaside season. “ also in this case we avoid making assemblies recommends Magi because Only if we are careful will we be able to enjoy the summer ”. But the mask must be kept on the beach? “ not to sunbathe, obviously- replies the president of the#8217; omcece Roma- but it certainly must be worn if we move to do something else ”.

The mask on the beach

The mask on the beach adds Magi, you don’t need “ if I’m alone sunbathing or if I’m together with other people a
distance of one and a half or two;The mask must instead be put if I can’t keep the safety distance with the others
people ”.
The president of the Capitoline white cups then recalls that the mask “ it must be worn from the nose to the chin adds Magi and not
Under the nose or under the chin, Nor kept on the arm as if it were a bag ”. According to the president of the Rome omcence,
having responsible behavior also helps the resumption of the economy: “ we try not to create problems and give one
hand to those who recently started opening the activities commercial, because If new contagues were to recur, the managers would be forced to close again- he concludes- and no one can afford it ”.