May 28, 2024

The benefits of a bicycle walk

Pedaling, even if only for fun, is a pleasant, healthy, relaxing activity and presents many benefits for children, adults and the elderly.
It is important, however, to choose the right bike, in particular for the size: like clothes, in fact, bicycles also go
purchased on the basis of weight and build of those who use them. On the web, on specialized e-shops such as Bikester, you can find the
Ideal bike for your needs. Let’s see what are the main advantages of walking by bicycle.

Pedaling away the stress

The bicycle keeps stress and anxiety away, thanks to physical movement, to the oxygenation of the heart and brain, and can be
A useful ally against forms of depression, especially if associated with exposure in the open air.
30 minutes of sporting activity are enough to allow the body to produce endorphins, hormones of happiness.

The bike helps lose weight

Pedaling, both indoors and outdoors, is an aerobic activity, in which 500 calories are burning on average in 60 minutes.
In particular for women and for those who are overweight therefore, the bike is the ideal sport for weight loss in a pleasant way, while toning thighs, buttocks and calves.

The bike is good for the heart

It is not necessary to face long pedaling sessions to have the first benefits: clinical studies have shown that
pedaling even half an hour strengthens the heart, making it more resistant and protecting it from the risks of cardiovascular disorders, to all ages.

The bike increases energy

Even if it may seem like a paradox, bike constantly helps to increase the energy available in the body, so that the body gets used to developing resistance and flexibility, allowing to decrease the feeling of fatigue gradually.

The bike is good for the joints

Unlike running, in which the weight is downloaded to plants and heels and there is a constant impact with the ground, the bike does not create stresses on the knees, on the contrary, protects them, helping to make the muscles of the lower limbs and more strongerdorsal muscles. The important thing is to choose the right saddle and the most comfortable position.

It is not true that the prostate damages

It is often heard that cyclists develop prostate problems, due to the prolonged position on the saddle.
In reality, studies have shown that there is no correlation between the bike and prostate problems, indeed, venous circulation activated by the movement can have positive effects.

The bike is against pollution

In addition to the advantages for mind and body, the bicycle is an ecological, silent, clean vehicle and can be brought everywhere, allowing, in addition to going to work practically at no cost, to reach places inaccessible to cars, such as limited traffic areas,alleys, but also paths to explore.

Security in the first place

Pedaling well means paying attention to their own safety and of those around us.
It is therefore important to always wear a helmet, at all ages, and equip yourself with the devices provided for by the highway code, such as the lights and the catalyst jacket.
The secret to improve constantly then lies in the constancy and gradual increase in paths and difficulties.