May 28, 2024

Refin your nose with the Rinofiller: here’s how it works

Medicine and cosmetic surgery are now two consolidated phenomena also in Italian society. If until a few years ago the topic affected only the VIPs, the people of the show and a restricted circle of wealthy, today – thanks to the progressive calm of the average prices and the new techniques available – we tend to resort more and more often to the touch -upTo improve your physical appearance.

Among the most requested cosmetic surgery interventions in Italy we certainly find rhinoplasty (name with which the operation is identified to make up the nose), blepharoplasty (to pull up and remodel the eyelids) and the breast augmentation (intervention to increase the volumebreast).
“The desire to make up the nose is widespread in our country – explains Marco Castelli, an expert in surgery and aesthetic medicine that operates both in Italy and in Switzerland. Not surprisingly, rhinoplasty is one of the most carried out in the cosmetic surgery sector in 2015 “.

However, precisely over the past few years we have also witnessed a real boom in aesthetic medicine, thanks to the increasingly widespread introduction and diffusion of smoothing and rejuvenating filler, among which stands out in particular those based on hyaluronic acid.
This type of filler represented a real revolution in the sector, because in many cases these techniques manage to supplant the traditional plastic surgery on the nose. The rinofiller is, in fact, a treatment of aesthetic medicine that allows you to reshape the nasal pyramid without resorting to the use of the scalpel, but using only the filler filler, usually composed of hyaluronic acid and botox. With this system, it is possible to harmonize and smooth the much hated nasal hump.

Obviously, as in all cases of this type, it is essential to contact an expert in the sector, able to intervene correctly, with the right substances and adequate tools. The filler, for example, should be certified by the FDA (still not mandatory in Italy) which guarantees full safety.

According to SICPRE Italian Society of Plastic and aesthetic repairing surgery Based on the research conducted over 2015, the latest generation filler applications have satisfied patients enormously, increasingly favorable to “ retouching ”not invasive and this suggests, therefore, that this type of techniques will be increasingly widespread and appreciated.