April 25, 2024

A decisive step forward for ‘ normalization from the Uoc Pediatrics and Neonatology of Civitavecchia Hospital He was carried out yesterday by the President of the Lazio Region, as well as Commissioner Ad Acta for the Regional Healthcare, Nicola Zingaretti

By accepting the request formulated in recent months in full emergency by the Strategic Management of the ASL, the Lazio Region has granted a derogation for the permanent hiring of two new pediatric doctors, which will strengthen the current organicfull overcoming of the operational difficulties of the last few months.

After the previous authorization regional at the intake of a new pediatrician last December, the new decree of the commissioner n. 107 of 11 March 2015 has in fact “… authorize the General Manager of the USL Roma F Company F at the employment, with a permanent contract of N. 2 Medical Executives Discipline Pediatrics, through the scrolling of rankings of public competitions, carried out by companies and bodies of the health service of the Lazio Region and valid … “;This will probably make the time of actual entry into service of the two new specialists quite quickly, which bringing to three the total number of the new pediatricians entered in the operating unit, will allow it to get out of the current critical issues.

We want to express a heartfelt thanks to both the regional cybet of the regional healthcare and to President Zingaretti – commented the general manager Dott. Quintavalle – because as usual he has shown a lucid listening ability of the needs of our territory and a concrete availability to solve problems. With these derogations, the full operation of our pediatric-neonatology is restored which is a nodal point in the area of the birth center of the San Paolo Hospital, for the strengthening of which we are completely renovating the birth block.”