May 28, 2024

Depression, one person in life can hit one person at least once

The new wave book, National Observatory on Woman and Gender Health Observatory, curated by Claudio Mencacci and Paola Scaccabarozzi “Journey to Depression. Explore its boundaries to recognize and face it “: a complete photograph to understand such a complex disease with innumerable facets.

“I am a dead man who lives and every day for me is a great suffering. Before I was only fine at night because at least I could sleep. Now not even this more. But what life is if I’m sick both day and night?

I am desperate … “It is as a woman who suffers from depression is described, one of the many.

Depression, a disease that affects life

In fact, depression is a disease that heavily affects the life of those who suffer from it and the World Health Organization has estimated that by 2030 it could become the most widespread chronic disease in the world;Already today it is a widely widespread psychiatric disorder and almost 4 interests are estimated.500.000 of people in Italy, especially women in a proportion of 2 to 1 compared to men. Depression affects at least once in a 1 -person life out of 5 to 3;In essence, the risk of an individual to develop a depressive episode during his existence is about 15%. The debut can take place at any age, but it is more frequent between 20 and 30 years old, with a peak incidence in the following decade with serious affective-family repercussions, on the socio-relational one and in the professional sphere.

According to a recent wave survey, National Observatory on Women’s Health and Gender In fact, depression impacts negatively in all spheres of life: on self -esteem (78%), on one’s social and relational life (70%) and on personal interests(67%) involving not only the patient, but also his family. Three out of 5 Italians consider depression a serious and complex disease, to diagnose and cure, the main triggering factors are identified in psychological trauma (62%) and stress periods (60%) and one in 5 patients have suicidal thoughts.

Suicide the most feared complication

Suicide is the most feared complication and the risk of suicide in those who suffer from depression is 10-15%, while the risk of attempted suicide is forty times higher than that of the general population.

It has been talked about today in Milan on the occasion of the presentation of the new wave book by Claudio Mencacci and Paola Scaccabarozzi “Journey into depression. Explore its boundaries to recognize and face it “, created thanks to the unconditional contribution of Lundbeck, which photographs all aspects of the disease: social, epidemiological, clinical-diagnostic, therapeutic and economic, with the aim of making her better known, preventing it and facing her.

Francesca Merzagora, president of Onda

“Depression is one of the focus of our activity”, comments Francesca Merzagora, president of Onda, “because it is underestimated, with a strong female prevalence, often related to other pathologies, with a strong impact on the quality of life and on which a stigma hovers againto overcome. Just to raise awareness of this pathology, Claudio Mencacci and Paola Scaccabarozzi wrote a popular volume, published in the Self Help series by Franco Angeli, on all aspects and reflections of the depression also bringing testimonies of those who lived it, and in many cases overcome, with the aim of facing more serenely what according to the World Health Organization in 2030 will be the most common chronic disease “.

Claudio Mencacci, Director of Mental Health and Neuroscience Department ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco

“Depression heavily affects the life of those who suffer from it,” says Claudio Mencacci, Director of Mental Health and Neuroscience Department Asst Fatebenefratelli Sacco, Milan, “and can become a debilitating condition also for its reflections on the cognitive sphere by reducing the functioning of the person inwork, school and social sphere.

New scenarios for the care of depression are making their way into psychiatry. One of the most relevant and innovative aspects, for example, is the discovery of the relationship between inflammation and depression: patients with systemic inflammation are frequently depressed and depressed patients show an increase in inflammation indices. This volume, whose copyright I will sell, wants to return a representation of depression in its various events, in the hope that the people who suffer from it can face it in the most effective way “.

Paola Scaccabarozzi, journalist and scientific popularizer

“Depression is a pathology of the mind and soul that triggers feelings of guilt, inadequacy and inability to react to external stimuli, explains Paola Scaccabarozzi, journalist and scientific popularizer, explains. “It is a lethalizing apathy that shows life with dark colors and can affect in all phases of existence, but fortunately the possibility of getting out of it exists. This volume wants to be a tool to get to know it better, prevent it and face it thanks to the new scientific knowledge, the support of associations and reference centers listed in the book and the testimonies of those with depression had to deal with firsthand “.